The first thing anyone asks me when they find out I’ve lost as much as I have is, “How did you do it!?” Of course I’ll get to that, but I feel like I’d be remiss not to first show you where I am today. When you’re losing weight, whether it’s a large or a small amount, the day to day actions kind of feel insignificant. You make better choices, you mindfully decide to be more active, but the change happens gradually. It’s not until you step back and look at where you were that you can finally appreciate how monumental the change has been.

I’m not perfect. I’ve had a lot of victories, but I’ve also had a fair amount of failures. In the same sense, my body is not perfect. It never will be, and that’s okay. It’s the only one I have and I’m growing to love it– not in spite of its imperfections, but because of them.

I’ve treated my body pretty poorly in the past. This last year has been my most sincere apology to it. Every positive choice I’ve made has been a little love note. A whisper of I’m sorry. And, thankfully, I think it’s finally starting to forgive me.

So. In treating my body with respect, I went from this…

320 lbs. Shortly after I had started losing; my first Dietbet weigh-in.

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An Introduction

It seems as though every weight loss story begins with, “I’ve been overweight my whole life” or, “My weight has been a struggle for as long as I can remember.” So… at the risk of sounding cliche– Hi. My name is Jenna. I have been overweight since childhood, and morbidly obese through most of my adulthood. When I was 8, I was the pudgy girl in ballet, worrying more about the way my leotard stretched over my belly than I did my pirouettes or pas de bourrees. By junior high, I was shopping in the women’s section of Mervyn’s, and by high school I was pushing my size 18 pants to the limit. Overweight, obese, and then morbidly obese. It’s been my reality for just about my entire existence.

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