When Your Life Shatters

In 2012, the twelfth of December was a Wednesday. I was five months pregnant and lying down was just beginning to become uncomfortable enough that once I actually managed to fall asleep, every moment of it was cherished. My alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.. Snooze. 5:39 a.m.. Snooze. I knew that was the last snooze I was allowed, one more and I’d be late for work. Just as I began to drift back into sleep, my phone sounded again. This time it wasn’t the alarm. Still foggy, I fumbled to answer the incoming call, and by the time I managed, I had missed it. It was from my mom’s cell phone. She had been in the hospital that week for complications from an illness she had been battling for the past few years. My whole body shook as I dialed her number. Good news does not travel via telephone at 5:40 a.m..Read More »